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Zoe L’Amore and Sideshow Celebrity, The Space Cowboy orchestrate larger than life ensembles Stunt Shows of the Strange, the Wild, the Extreme!

The Monster Sideshow: High impact Sideshow Stunt Cabaret.

 Voodoo Revue: A risque all female 'GawkaGoGo' hosted by The Space Cowboy.

El Nino: Be transported to another dimension in this Electrifying Stunt Show.

Deja Voodoo & The Mutant Barnyard Museum: Freak Grind Show Attractions.


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All Videos

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 Zoe L’Amore (Oz) is a Sideshow Queen! 

Zoe began performing in the circus as a Trapeze Artist acquiring a passion for danger that has grown into a repertoire of bizarre stunts. She has toured with prestigious 'Aerial Theatre' companies, starred in extreme Freak Shows and performed at the cream of Festivals & Events around the world.

Zoe combines her Circus skills with Sideshow thrills playing with Fire,Whips, Grinders, Swords, Electricity and other things one shouldn't. She holds 3 x Guinness World Records for her death defyingly displays.

  • Queen of Sparks: This sexy act is a visual feast as Zoe L'amore grinds a metal plate between her legs performing a complex acrobatic choreography & lighting a cigar from her sparks in a shockingly fun finale. 

  • Sword Coffin: Painproof Zoe L'amore climbs a coffin of swords barefoot! before being locked inside. 10 blades are thrust into the coffin in a comedy exchange. The Queen of Sideshow escapes the Flaming coffin, Alive!

  • Double Blind Arrow Catch: The Space Cowboy defy's death in this extreme display. He must rely on all of his senses  to snatch an arrow shot by Zoe mid air whilst both the archer and catcher are blindfolded! Sublime!

  • The Ultimate Power Couple: The Space Cowboy and Zoe L'amore perform an old world Electric Act with a 50000 volt Tesla Coil. In this shock therapy session they illuminate bulbs, light fire from their flesh, swallow  electrified swords and demonstrate why they are know as the 'Ultimate Power Couple'.

  • Freaky Ravers: A fast paced dance duet performed with high tech programmed LED poi's that pulse and change to suit this fun filled 3min choreography.

Previous Performances


Cheeky Cabaret, Brunswick Picture House   -   The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide Fringe Festival

Italian Guinness World Record TV, Milan   -   London Wondergrounds, Southbank UK   -   Outside Lands, SanFrancisco   Woodford Folk Festival, QLD   -   Glastonbury Festival UK   -   Fright Nights Movie World, Gold Coast

Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Gold Coast   -   Psycho Sideshow, Sydney Royal Easter Show   -   Scoop Festival, Gold Coast

Dark Science, Lismore   -   Rites of Passage Tattoo Convention   -   FestEvil, Gold Coast   -   Secret Garden Party UK

World Sideshow Festival, Ballarat   -   Hendricks Gin, Sydney   -   Rainbow Serpent Festival   

    -   Mullumbimby Music Festival   -   Dragon I, Hong Kong

Hoopla, Darling Harbour   -   The Byron Bay Blues Festival   -   Australian Circus Festival

Burlesque Butterfly Ball, Cocoon, Bali   -   Crusty Demons, ‘Thirst For Destruction’ Tour Australia

Adelaide Agricultural Show   -   HOTA, Gold Coast   -   Carnivals Edge, Brisbane Fringe Festival

Kuh Deh Tah, Santoza, Bali   -   The Hyatt, Coolum   -   The Hard Rock Hotel, Bali

Le Grand Cirque, Sydney Opera House   -   The Golden Slipper, Sydney   -   Global Carnival, Bellingen

The Glade Festival UK   -   The Big Chill Festival UK   -   Versace Palazzo Hotel, Goldcoast

The Arthouse Hotel, Sydney   -   Luna Park Ballroom, Sydney   -   GWK Cultural Park, Bali   -   Amway, Singapore

Stalker Theatre Company - Sydney - New Zealand  - Korea -  Belgium - Netherlands - Germany -  Venezuela.



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